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Hello, lovely music fans and distinguished readers!!! We welcome back to our blog Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples. This talented group got together and created “Shelf Life “ an amazing body of work that is worth a listen! On this particular track, though, Waxy Shellac does all vocals, drumming, and playing of the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. The song is titled “Hard to Love” and was released on the 27th of January

The song begins with a foundation and layer of funky bass guitar sounds and then Waxy begins his enthralling vocal performance. The song is played in a very exciting manner and throws you into an exciting soundscape

“ Hard to Love” is about “high-maintenance” women who tell guys who show interest in them that they are hard to love because of their excessive demands and irrational expectations. They make up tests for these men to pass ( “If you pass my test, then you can be my guest”). They explain their behavior because they grew up too fast. The song is exciting and the lyrics are easy to follow together with the structure of the song you are pulled into the narrative due to the powerful star power this song holds!

Can we acknowledge Waxy’s great musical talent which is demonstrated in the production of this song? The bass elements, the electric guitar sounds, the lyrics, and the vocal performance make this song a banger that will be amazing to live!

Was it thrilling to hear this fantastic song again?? YES IT WAS! The musical structure was perfect and the storytelling was very fascinating and immersive! The group has proven again that they will not be counted out and are going to shock the music community!

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