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“Shelf Life” by Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples is the focus of our blog today. This US-based band is made up of Fred Meltzer-Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and Lead Vocals; Mike Travers and Joe Clapp-Lead Guitar; Kaile Dutton, Andrew Geano, Heather Jones-Backing Vocals and Steve Tapper on Saxophone. This record is made up of 13 wonderfully made songs, each in own their league, and was released on 27th January. Let me tell you more about this amazing record.

The record starts strong with” Prescription Song “ which begins with heavy bass and electric guitar sounds. The song talks about how his lover is his prescription pill, he outlines various symptoms and how his lover can cure them all but it is also a warning against the effects of prescription drugs. The song tackles this issue in a very positive and interesting way. The music performance together with the musical arrangement has created this special song that will leave you feeling all tingly and warm inside which is just the perfect way to start this record.

“Hard to Love “ follows suit and begins with a funky bass guitar foundation as the band begins to sing about “high maintenance “ women who warn men who are interested in them that they are hard to love due to their unrealistic expectations and very high standards and demands. The song is very high energy and fast-paced but very groovy and extremely exciting to listen.

Next is “Threesome “ a country rock song. The song talks about the persona being in a three-way relationship with his lover and her iPhone. He sings about it in a forgiving way but you can tell he doesn’t like it deep down although, in the end, he admits the importance of said device. The song is a commentary about how invested some of us are with technology and social media and how sometimes we need to take a break from it to spend time with our loved ones. the song is well-paced in an amusing storytelling way and the instrumentation is beautiful the song has a loving and advisory message that everyone will love.

“I’m on the Bench “begins with this electric piano sound that sounds like the soundtrack of the Mario game and then the electric guitar and drums the band begins to sing about being on the bench as a metaphor for political elections. The baseball analogy ensures that listeners will not be bored by the choice of topic and is very smart on the band’s part. The vocal performance is cool and it compliments the instruments that contribute to making this song a great one.

“Codependent Me “is a country-infused song that begins with this smooth bass line. This hauntingly beautiful duet is about a relationship where both parties cannot function without each other which can be good or toxic depending on the people in the relationship. The duet is amazingly flawless and the music arrangement is wonderful thus creating an ethereal atmosphere for listeners.

“Chorus Comes Along “is a nice change of pace on the album because it’s a heavy Rock song and begins so. The song is about feeling free and letting it all out when you’re feeling down. The song is a feel-good rock song with heavy metal soundscapes and the guitar solo mid-song is beautiful and goes with the flow of the vocal performance. The song will take you on an exciting sonic adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

“I’m not sure” starts with a spicy electric guitar riff mixed with a nice drum base. At its core, the song talks about having doubts in a relationship especially when it comes to saying the dreaded “l” word and fully committing to the relationship The song is high energy the vocal performance is excellent, and the song’s musical instruments; (especially the electric guitar) are very engaging making for a a superior and enhanced sonic ride.

“All Over Me “begins in a dreamy way as the band sings about how the persona planned to not fall for anyone and will end up alone but has fallen deeply for this person and opened up in ways he never thought he would. The instrumentation and performance are flawless and have created this beautiful song that is rare and memorable.

“Thousand Things” begins with this dreamy saxophone sound. The song paints the picture of a woman who is apart from her lover and has so many things she’d like to say that she can’t communicate over the phone but would to say in person. The female vocals back up the lead vocals perfectly and the saxophone sounds create this alternate universe for listeners to step into.

“Dreamer” is another country rock-influenced song. The song’s lyrics talk about how his lover is a daydreamer how she dreams of far-off places and how he’s there with her. It’s a passionate song with a passionate performance and will be exciting to hear live given the way the song was made.

The song “Change of Plans “begins with a fusion of electric guitar and drums. The song is about a relationship that has come to an end. In the song, the persona sings about how there’s been a change of plans in terms of where their relationship is headed although they’ve given it all they’ve got. The band treads a different line singing a sad song in a such a rock style way. The Backup Vocals and the lead vocals harmonize in such a stunningly smooth way and that electric guitar solo? Was mesmerizing. The song is crafted in such a beautiful way that it creates a unique listening experience.

“Aryan’s Song “begins quite beautifully with delicate guitar strums. The song is quite emotional as it talks about how he understands the pain of certain people he has come across and tries to escape certain pain and become better. The oscillation between the lead and backup vocals is amazing due to the range they both possess. The song is majestic and will linger with you even after it has ended.

The album has a curtain call with “History repeats itself”, a Bluesy song that is about instances in history where people were unfairly treated And cautions listeners to be wary because they could be next to be targeted. The female vocals on this song are flamboyant and beautiful and the electric guitar solo never fails to impress. The makeup of the song is brilliant and will give you an exciting audio experience which is exactly what you want to leave your listeners with, a feat this song has achieved.

Overall “Shelf Life” by Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apple is a magnificent record. These songs, which have been written over 40 years, cover a wide range of topics, from young adult hormone-driven aspirations to observant parodies of voting and dancing motivations! The album has got it all, There are love songs written by singer-songwriters, progressive rock intros, satirical songs that compare politics to baseball, songs about the side effects of prescription drugs, songs about why women dance to certain songs but not others, songs about what matters to them, and, in the end, a plea to humanity to strive for better. You might discover a favorite or two, and it’s inspirational and awesome. From Todd Rundgren and Utopia to Steely Dan, Weird Al Yankovic, Bare Naked Ladies, Squeeze, and Shooting Star, among others, it features expert, edgy playing throughout. The album is proof that the band is full of talent and I can’t wait to see what excellence they produce next.

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