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What If by Marvel? Season 2 travels to the year 1602, Christmas, and a Mario Kart universe.

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Marvel Studios is offering us access to the cosmos for Christmas this year, but in a playful way. Marvel’s What If…? will debut a second season on December 22. And from the looks of the latest episode trailer, things are going to become really crazy.

A glimpse into the film shows a hard-core motorhead race world, a voyage back in time to a 1980s secret Avengers team, and a Renaissance-era setting that is probably a parody of Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert, and Richard Isanove’s Marvel 1602 series. It appears that this season of What If…? will end similarly to the first, which resulted in a multiversal threat that required a multiversal Avengers team-up.


But at least until then, we also seem to have a Stark Tower Christmas episode, and an episode recorded entirely in Mohawk, introducing Kahhori, a new superheroine who comes into contact with the Tesseract in a timeline where it fell to Earth in pre-colonial New York State.


See the trailer below



Marvel’s What If…? season 2 will run on Disney Plus for nine episodes, premiering on Dec. 22, with a new episode every day through Dec. 30.

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