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Winnie Harlow Dresses Up as Katt Williams for Halloween: ‘My Favourite Comedian

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The 29-year-old Canadian fashion model became viral on Instagram after posting a number of pictures of herself looking like the 52-year-old comedy icon. She was sporting a short black hairstyle, a goatee, a white tie, and a green suit, and she was also replicating his famous facial expressions

. In another image, which is sandwiched between pictures of Williams and a caricature sketch, Harlow is shown holding a cigar and dressed in a pinstripe suit. A video of Williams doing a stand-up routine on stage ends the piece.

When I saw THIS comedy show in seventh grade, I realised, “You know what, @kattwilliams, you’re right—it’s self-esteem.” Post captioned by Harlow. “A variety of sources can contribute to confidence. For me, this was one of those times . My all-time favourite comic

As the legendary Katt Williams once said, “it’s called SELF ESTEEM!” It is self-esteem! She continued, “How the f— did I f— up how you feel about YOUUUUU simple bitch?” “I really want to dedicate this Halloween to little Winnie.” Making lemonade with her leftover lemons. The things that traumatised her in the past. And the little things, like laughing, that kept pushing forward

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