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Young Thug Removes Gunna Album Link From IG Bio

Young Thug Removes Gunna Album Link From IG Bio

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Almost as soon as people started theorizing as to what the link could mean, Thugger seems to have removed it entirely.

Young Thug recently caused quite the stir with his Instagram account’s bio, which linked to Gunna’s most recent album DS4EVER. Moreover, fans wondered why this happened, given that the YSL protégé took a plea deal and testified against his cohorts, including Thugger, during their RICO arrest and trial. However, it looks like all those theories will stick to being only theories. The IG account recently removed the link from the bio entirely, with about as much explanation as its addition. Still, that could mean a million different things in the grander scheme.

Of course, Young Thug didn’t have to say a word for YSL affiliates and fans alike to start blasting Gunna for his actions. Even if people don’t know the whole story, video footage still led people to the conclusion that the 29-year-old is a snitch. Whether the link sought to reflect a strong relationship or just promote some music to make some money is unknown. After all, DS4EVER launched under the “Check” MC’s imprint to wide commercial success. It’s been a long time since that album, and a long time since he was released. While we don’t know if Thugger is behind these changes given his limited Internet access, it’s not crazy to think it could be damage control.

Young Thug Shouted Out DS4EVER

Whether it was just promo or a means to show their relationship’s endurance, not everyone wants Young Thug to cut Gunna off. At least, that’s what statements from some people in their camp indicate. They do have a point; this theorizing doesn’t help to speed the trial along, which faces delay after scandal after delay and so on. Gunna and his attorney Steve Shadow vehemently denied snitching allegations, and even Thug’s sister Dolly White had some words of defense.

“Can y’all please stop saying that people ratted, and people this-and-that?” she expressed in a video. “It’s not making anybody better, it’s not making nothing good, bro. Nothing that’s going on is… helping my brother. So can y’all please stop that? Can y’all please stop? If y’all love Gunna, then y’all give him support. Like, what the f**k y’all over there doing? Y’all tripping.” You can see the removal for yourself down below. Regardless of your take on it, check back in with BiographyWeb for the latest news and updates on Young Thug and Gunna.

Gunna Disappears From IG

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