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Hello distinguished readers and music fans. Today we highlight the work of US artist ZOOLOOK.

ZOOLOOK is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist artist. He just released “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” a 9 album song on 29th February. He plays the bass guitar and keyboards on this album. Let’s talk more about it

The Album’s title track is “Soul Rebel”. The song begins with these synth-pop sounds. By the tone of the instruments you might think it’s a reggae song but it’s not. There are some angelic mouth percussions also in there that will instantly get your attention for the duration of the song. This song is a welcome tune for listeners

The song “Stonefrenge” is up next. The song starts with a sluggish melody, but as it goes on, the other instruments are added to a drum beat, which creates an amazing rhythm and sound that listeners will love.

The song that follows is “Lo-Fi IRIE Feeling”. The song has a bright intro. The song is a fusion of different elements of instruments to create a phenomenal song. You will be enthralled by this song

Natural High” is the song after that. The music is tinged with reggae, and there’s a voice speaking patois in the background (“Jah knows”). The same voice discusses how soothing and easygoing reggae music is.

Next is the song “Black in Space” This a synth-pop song that opens with a mouth percussion of a countdown to 1. The rest of the song are these ethereal mouth percussions that encapsulate you with its dazzling melodies

Next is the song “We Come in Peace”(And Love)”. This is yet another reggae synth pop-infused song. The patois in the background explains that the character in the song comes in peace and love. The song is funky and delightful to hear

“Lost in Space” is the title of the next song. The song is yet another synth-pop song. The character in the song describes herself as missing (“I’m drifting out in the open I think I’m lost in space”) the song describes a very lonely person who seeks help(“I’m searching for a guiding light”). The song is a great song that describes loneliness in an elevated sense. The song is a profound song with a very unique melody

The next song is “HAL-LE”. The song is mind-bending. The beat in this song is thumping, which will get your heart racing and entertain you. In the song, there’s an AI object built to serve the character (“I am your AI machine I was programmed to serve you”). The song has a very interesting story and an even more unique sound to match it

The last song on the album is called “Rockers”. The song starts with these unique stringed instruments. As the song builds the foundation of the song stands strong throughout. The song talks about a character who is enjoying themselves(“everyone is feeling fine “). The song brings the album to a wonderful close

This record was incredibly mind-blowing. ZOOLOOK has made a record he should be very proud of. The album cannot fit into one specific mold because it is like a chameleon, very verdant and genre-bending. The album is suitable for fans of every genre. This artist has a very bright future considering the track he is on

Stream the “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” album on Spotify

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