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Aggressive Soccer Moms It's Not Love

Aggressive Soccer Moms Premiered “It’s Not Love”

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Aggressive Soccer Moms latest release “It’s Not Love,” is a catchy track with a steady tempo and atmospheric guitars, has all the makings of a success. Simple, dramatic, and powerful.

It’s Not Love, the latest song from Aggressive Soccer Moms, follows the success of their last album, Deviation. The song is light, dreamy, and ethereal in nature. There’s something about It’s Not Love that makes you feel calm. Furthermore, the song reminds me of songs by Interpol and The Strokes. Aggressive Soccer Moms have a particular sound that infiltrates your mind and takes control. It’s a relaxing environment, and the voice work only adds to that. In some ways, I’m transported back to a simpler era when punk was ubiquitous on the radio. The music, on the other hand, has a contemporary and modern feel to it that I can’t get enough of.

Aggressive Soccer Moms is a Swedish duet who formed in 2018. After five albums, ASM will release a sixth to commemorate their fourth anniversary. ASM was founded by Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström in the late 1970s as part of the early punk movement.

Aggressive Soccer Moms It's Not Love

Drums, vocals, and guitars are pretty much all you need to produce a terrific music, and ASM succeeds on all three counts. The group, known for keeping things basic and minimalist, now has a deeper and more matured sound than their prior releases, as evidenced by “It’s Not Love.” The single’s message is simple: It’s just not love, guy. With a steady percussion rhythm and electric guitars providing the backdrop, the song is brought to life by melancholy vocals lamenting the lack of much-needed emotion. As previously stated, the track serves as a taster for their upcoming album.

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It took only two weeks to complete the project. One is for composing, while the other is for recording and mixing. As a result, the sound is more “commercial,” and the performance is tighter and more distinct than previously. We’re excited for ASM’s upcoming album, and we’d want to encourage you to join us in exploring their new songs and sound!

Listen to Aggressive Soccer Moms “It’s Not Love” song below.

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