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Robbie Rapids Who Shot Them Down

Robbie Rapids Latest Release “Who Shot Them Down”

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Robbie Rapids is out with a new song titled “Who Shot Them Down”.

Robbie Rapids, a musician who has been writing music since he was 16 years old and has been polishing his art over the years after being in various music projects, brings us “Who Shot Them Down,” a Classic Rock track with a funky vibe. Now, the Atlanta-based songwriter is eager to strike out on his own and build a name for himself in the music industry.

Robbie’s debut song, developed in partnership with David Levene, a renowned session musician and producer who was also a member of Laghonia (one of South America’s most important psychedelic bands), is a track full of catchy melodies, clever guitars, and Robbie’s calming vocals.

Robbie Rapids Who Shot Them Down

Robbie Rapids, influenced by David Bowie, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and even Stone Temple Pilots, has a vintage sound with warm guitars and a groove that transports us to another period. It’s no surprise that his music has been dubbed “Jangly Power Pop Rock.” But, more importantly than the song, “Who Shot Them Down” was inspired by Tony Tiffin’s book “Arc Road,” which recounts the horrific events of April 17, 1964 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, when three officers were shot with their own pistols by three psychopaths. The case would be known as ‘The Dark Days of April 1964’ for the rest of time.

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Rapids’ story-telling ability, as well as his polished songwriting capabilities, are evident in the single, making “Who Shot Them Down” a very strong debut for the artist. Everything is about each song separately, regardless of genre; the majority will fall into the rock category, and I will draw on my various influences. If I accomplished my job correctly, the listener will know what the song is about and will not be left guessing, puzzled, or inventing their own interpretation, as is so prevalent today.

Listen to Robbie Rapids “Who Shot Them Down” song below!

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