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Alan Dreezer Serves Us with “Time Stand Still”

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Alan Dreezer finally released “Time Stand Still” song.

Alan Dreezer’s tune “Equal” had us all rethinking the world in light of his demand for kindness and equality. With his single ‘Time Stand Still,’ he is now turning inside, reflecting on good and difficult times in his life. He explores the desire to be able to stop time and dwell in happy moments indefinitely through this pondering. This investigation leads to a consideration of how our memories are all we have of certain events in our life. Dreezer portrays the moment when a recollection of a happy or horrible occasion floods your senses with a burst of modern pop laced with gospel influences.

alan dreezer time stan still

This song is about him asking himself, “What have been the most memorable moments of my life thus far?” It’s not about days or weeks, but about moments. The first verse then goes on to detail two of these occasions. “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could halt time during those perfect moments or maybe relive them whenever we wanted?” he wonders. So we can relive those feelings” The best and worst moments are both simply that. They are brief and fade fast from memory, therefore you should endeavour to remember the greatest ones. Because you didn’t see that wonderful moment coming, you had to rely on your recollection. If you’re lucky, a photograph, movie, or song may be able to assist you relive those emotions.

Alan Dreezer is ElectroPop/Singer-Songwriter from London currently living in Eastbourne. He had previously collaborated with other musicians or as part of a band. These have included touring with “Tara 2” a pop duo supporting 80’s favourites “Brother Beyond” or playing sold out shows at High Barn Great Bardfield which was widely regarded as one of the best small venues in the UK with Rock-Pop band “ADProject”. However he had always wanted to express himself in a more personal way so in August 2017 he finally branched out as a solo artist. Alan Dreezer released his first solo album “LONDON E12” the following year.

Listen to Alan Dreezer Time Stand Still below!

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