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Copperstone Tribute Song “My Old Friend”

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Listen to Copperstone My Old Friend Song

‘My Old Friend,’ written and dedicated to their band’s guitarist, merges Acoustic and Folk with an Alternative Country sound to take the listener on a nostalgic journey of love and sorrow. The listener is carried by a basic rhythm, while the sweeping guitar connects the transitory soul before the piano restores a sense of warmth and assurance for a brighter future. They’re looking for blogs and media coverage to help generate momentum around the song’s release, in the hopes that it will resonate with a wider audience.

Copperstone is an Alternative/Pop Rock band based out of Pittsburgh, PA who burst onto the music scene in 2020 with their debut album Vinyl which was quickly nominated for the International Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year Award. The EP features track such as Bye Bye (ISSA Single of the Year Finalist) and The Race which has been likened to an American Idiot-era Green Day. Copperstone’s sound has been compared to artists such as Third Eye Blind & David Bowie and Music Mecca writes ‘their sound is cheerful, refreshing, and heartfelt, vintage in a comforting way while retaining an innovative edge’.

Following the success of Vinyl, Copperstone released a charitable song titled Unsaid which centers on fighting the disease of addiction. A subject hitting close to home, Copperstone donates all royalties from the song to the charity Shatterproof and continues to raise hundreds of dollar per year towards their support.

Building off their continued momentum, the band released Pontoon Ride, a fun summer song reminiscent of late 90s Sugar Ray and is Copperstone’s first song to gain more than 100k streams.

Since formation Copperstone has played numerous music festivals and shows from Nashville through the Mid Atlantic. While the band may be relatively new its’ members are no stranger to the music industry having been a part of such bands as Agent I & Ross Copperman (BMI Artist of the Year) and have opened for such acts as Rod Stewart, Phil Vassar, & Michael W. Smith.

Today we had a chance to interview Copperstone about the journey into the music industry and their freshly released single, “My Old Friend”.

  • How did you first get into music?

Everything we’ve done with music can all be traced back to those initial concerts we attended as teenagers. Just being a part of the crowd, watching incredibly talented musicians, feeling the positive energy, and just having fun we knew that this was something we needed to be a part of our lives regardless of where it led.

  • What instruments can you play?

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keys .. these are the instruments we typically incorporate through most of our music. In our song ‘Pontoon Ride’, which was recently nominated for Single of the Year by the International Singer Songwriter Association, we expanded a little and brought in some horns which really helped give the track a differentiating dynamic.

  • Where do you see your musical career in 10 years?

The music industry continues to evolve in so many ways that it is hard to say. There was a time when we would burn demo CDs and try to hand them out to people at music stores just to try and build a fanbase. Then came streaming services and social media which changed the game. In the end we’ll just continue to evolve with everything in hopes of carving out our little niche.

  • Which instrument is your favourite to play?

Definitely the electric guitar. Nothing like loud distortion and fast leads to get the energy flowing!

  • Which instrument is your least favourite to play?

The triangle … only because it makes us hungry.

  • What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?

Persistence. Whenever creativity is involved it can be very easy to give up. And not just creativity but building a fanbase, booking gigs, etc. can involve hearing ‘no’ a lot however if you just stay positive and keep going then you eventually find your way not just in music but in life.

  • What would you say is your greatest weakness as an artist?

Technical skill and we say that only compared to how many skilled musicians are out there. Luckily for us technical skill isn’t needed as much in today’s musical atmosphere.

  • What is your proudest accomplishment as a musician?

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to play alongside large local and international acts and have also been nominated for awards including the International Singer Songwriter Association’s Band of the Year and Band Single of the Year. Regardless of it all what we remain proudest of is actually bringing Copperstone to life. All of these songs had been tossed around for years as fun ideas and it wasn’t until the pandemic that we actually got it together to finalize and release them. So whether our reach is zero people or one million, we are just proud to be expressing our creativity through what we love.

  • What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

Outside of music we are very active people. Whether it’s sports, off-roading, hiking, or boating we are always on the move. Some of this you can say helps influence our music. Especially the boating piece and our song ‘Pontoon Ride’.

  • What is your creative process when making music?

It usually starts with an acoustic rhythm and a hook then we just build the rest of the song around it. Having a strong hook is not only essential for the song but really helps create a vision for how the rest of the sound should come about.

  • Take me through how the song idea came about, the writing and production process.

There are a few moments as a songwriter when inspiration, timing, and clarity all align and creativity just flows. ‘My Old Friend’ is a song about saying goodbye to someone or something close to you which can be a difficult theme in which to capture that range of emotion. Fortunately though this song was one of those moments where everything aligned and it honestly only took about two days to write from start to finish. We’re excited to share it with everyone and believe it’s emotional range will resonate with every listener.

  • Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

We’d love to throw out some big names here however sharing ideas, writing, and collaborating with other like-minded indie artists is so rewarding in itself. Last winter we collaborated with the super talented, Berlin based rock band: Sushi for Bob (sushiforbob.de) on a cover of ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ and it was truly a great experience. We are also finishing up a collaboration with the band Heroes Fall Last (heroesfalllast.com) on a dark alt country rock track and can’t wait to share it. Being able to collaborate with both of these talented groups is both humbling and inspiring.

  • What was your worst performance?

One of the best pieces of advice we ever received was “treat every single show, regardless of size/venue, as if you were playing a sold out stadium.” We try to bring that energy and view to every performance so we can’t really say there is ever a bad gig and are just grateful for every opportunity to play.

  • Do you prefer to work alone or collaboratively?

A combination of both. A lot of our writing starts with one person’s idea and then we expand upon it through various ideas and influences to help achieve the original vision for the song.

  • What are your favourite venues to perform at?

Over our careers we’ve played venues large and small and would say dive bars tend to be the most fun. Everyone is generally there to have a good time and support smaller bands. Plus expectations are low!

  • What inspires you as an artist?

Life. As you get to know us and listen to our music you’ll hear a certain eclectic nature to it. This tends to stem from our creativity deriving from different moods, emotions, and subtle events of everyday life.

  • How do you nurture your own creativity?

Probably like most musicians it’s about consistency and developing the ideas that standout through the rest of the junk ones. Additionally we are always listening and learning from other bands, sharing notes and ideas with other musicians, and seeking out ways to continue to grow in our craft.

  • Do you have trouble with performance anxiety?

Luckily we have fairly outgoing personalities and have no issues performing live. If anyone starts to get anxious we typically just remind ourselves that it’s all in good fun.

  • What are your favourite musical genres, and are there any you dislike?

We’ll always lean towards Alternative Rock but tend to listen and be inspired by all genres. From rock to hip hop to country, there is always something appealing and influential. In fact our newest release, ‘My Old Friend’ carries some older country influence in it.

  • How do you think of your previous song comparing to this newly released?

Our last main release, ‘Pontoon Ride’ is a fun summer song which totally contrasts to the tempo and vibe of our latest release ‘My Old Friend’. This just ties back into our eclectic nature of writing whatever may be inspiring us at that moment.

Check out Copperstone releases.

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