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Hi there! Let’s take a moment to center on American singer-songwriter, Hannah Victoria Johnson and her debut single, “Slow Motion”. Johnson started creating songs in middle school after receiving her first acoustic guitar as a Christmas present. She had a love for music from birth—she was born to sing. After nearly ten years, Johnson is now a committed songwriter with a knack for memorable melodies and words. Her debut song, “Slow Motion” was released on 15th December 2023. Although this may be her first release, do not be fooled. The song doesn’t feel like it was made by an emerging act but by a professional artist. Let’s take time to immerse ourselves in the song, and listen to it in ‘slow motion.’

“Slow Motion “ is a song that begins with a steady and funky bass line. The bass line is very intense and will get you nodding your head along. Johnson’s clear and crisp voice echoes throughout the song and envelopes you as she sings about how time stops for her whenever she’s with her lover. The song is very endearing and will take you on quite a ride which you won’t stop talking about.

The song is quite charming. It has lyrics like “You, me, we one of a kind”, “when I’m with ya my whole world stops” and “When we spend our time in slow motion, In slow motion “. Johnson talks about how time stops whenever she’s with her lover. She talks about how she values the time they spend together and wishes it was never-ending. The song’s melody and Johnson’s impeccable performance make this one hell of a ride for listeners.

The song was written by Johnson herself and the arrangement of the instruments is genius and a moving piece of art. The song features a funk baseline and catchy ear synths. Add these components to Johnson’s amazing voice and viola, you have the perfect song to be ever heard!

Overall “Slow Motion “ by Multi-talented Hannah Johnson is a stunningly beautiful piece of work with all the moving parts working together in the best possible way. Johnson sings her heart out and her lyrics pull at your heartstrings. The song also talks about the fact that real love is tangible and everyone should want a piece of it. This song proves that Johnson is no longer an amateur and will grow in her own right and without a doubt make her mark in the music industry.

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