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Hello everyone, you’re welcome to our blog. Let’s welcome Spanish artist Carlos Ucedda. On 26th June, this amazing artist released a song called “Secret Relief”. Let’s talk more about the song

The song opens with these eerie-like whispers. The instrumentals set and Carlos starts singing. The beat sounds 80’s pop music and you are instantly drawn to it

The song reveals a persona who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism. He is or feels so drunk that he calls the state that he is in” immersed in vodka”. He has realized how low he is gone and now seeks help(”get me back, get me back from this abyss”) Throughout the song he repeats the line “secret relief” in reference to what he feels when he’s faded or drunk, he finds relief from his trouble and problems in this state. This song describes the signs to look out for whenever a person is really struggling making sure the person doesn’t fall into this abyss that Carlos sings about. You can feel how distraught and hopeless the persona feels through the lyrics and instrumentation.

The song was well crafted as every musical instrument that was heard matches the tone and intensity of Carlos’ voice. The song will captivate you with its majestic charm and the lyrics are so profound that you can’t help but fall in love with the rawness and passion that he performed with

Carlos  went to a raw and vulnerable place with this song. Addiction is not a topic to be taken lightly at all and Carlos discussed the song in his own way that will resonate with everyone, whether you’re struggling with addiction or not. I applaud Carlos  for taking us along on this compelling musical trip. Carlos is a formidable force and everyone should watch out for this bright star!

Stream Secret Relief on Spotify or SoundCloud, and watch the video above.

Follow Carlos Ucedda on here and his socials; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

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