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Greetings and welcome to our blog dearest music fans and cherished readers. We are shining a bright light on Robert Vendetta. Despite having grown up in Norway, he is not your typical Norwegian guy. He enjoys listening to music of all kinds. His songs and theatrical presence reflect this, as he has become a musical melting pot! Retro pop, or modern old as he often refers to it, was created by Robert Vendetta, who also serves as its producer, songwriter, and performer. Robert has released his fourth album titled “Vendetta Del Disco” which was released on 5th March. The 9-song album is a traditional retro pop album but Robert desired to incorporate more sounds. His most varied record to date is the outcome. He composed the songs in close collaboration with his band, contributing solely to keyboard and vocals. The album’s idea revolves around a character who becomes engrossed in his work while attempting to win over his boss, the main man. He ends up at the shrink, loses his pals, and finds no time for hobbies. His boss unexpectedly grants him a vacation, and he winds himself at Vendetta Del Disco, where he discovers that dancing is the best way to enjoy life. In addition, he learns the value of the little things in life and embarks on a new journey, prepared to blow up the whole planet! Let me tell you about this incredible album in more detail

This glorious audio experience is opened by “ Main Man”. The song begins with a beautiful piano flourish. This foot-tapping song is about a man who is in charge of everything. This persona is almost all-powerful and the song encourages you to listen to him (” he’s the boss, he’s the main man, better listen to him”). The song is very captivating due to its structure and outstanding performance and Robert could not have found a perfect song to introduce this album!

Next on the roster is “ Work” another peppy and vibrant song with a colorful intro. The song talks about how throwing yourself into work completely can affect your social life or other aspects of your life ( “And I lost my friends, and I lost my mind, and I lost my way”). The piano aspects of this song pop and the vocals are enticing and make this song extremely enjoyable!

“Shrink” is the next song on the album, which begins with an exciting drum best and piano flourish. The song tells the story of the persona who has gone to see a psychologist and is being asked to pour his heart out and talk about his feelings so he can be helped ( “Tell me about your sorrows, tell me how you really feel”). The song lyrics bring you into the mindscape of the persona and the vocal performance stirs up emotions in the listener, an impressive quality for a song to possess

With “Fool” the album slows down a bit. The song begins with dreamy and ethereal sounds. The song is an emotional one which is about a friend who is trying to apologize to his friends for letting go of their friendship(”I wish I can see you once again”). He regrets certain choices he makes, tortures and questions himself about certain decisions he made (” What have I done “). The song is sad and introspective and questions the complexities and delicate nature of human relationships which is amplified through the lyrics and the tender vocal performance.

“Vacation” is another upbeat and pop song with intense summer vibes. The song is about getting a memo at work that it is time for vacation and in the song, Robert details all the fun things you can do during a vacation. He also mentions the many different and incredible places you can go to have a vacation. The song just makes you want to kick your feet up or just go to the beach to have some fun with its descriptive and fun lyrics and also the vocal delivery of this exciting song!

Next is “Vendetta del Disco”, yet another foot-tapping song. The song is about a disco by the same name. The song talks about how fun it is to spend time at the disco and all the dancing you can do there. Robert has created this whole new world you can escape to with this song. The song will transport you to this magical disco where you can dance all your worries, problems, and stress away and this song is your ticket to this magical place!

“Here and Now” is another pivot in the album which begins with beautiful and delicate piano sounds. The song is another introspective song that asks the listener to live in the moment instead of always worrying about the future. The song also asks listeners to be proud of their present (”be proud of who I am and where I am now”)accomplishments no matter how insignificant they might think it is. The song is profound and the melodies are beautiful which match the passionate performance Robert delivers!

“Breathe” is another song that starts energetically. The song talks about being liberated by disco. In the song, the persona felt suffocated till he found disco and was able to breathe again. The message of the song is very wholesome and uplifting. Robert’s voice shines through and compliments the instruments played in the song and the result is a very high mesmerizing piece that will sonically thrill you!

The album ends with “Set the World on Fire”. The song talks about how he and his partner set the world ablaze when they dance together. He talks about their connection and chemistry on the dancefloor with such passion and intensity and invites listeners to dance along too. The lyrics are imaginative and catchy and just as you begin the album dancing, you’ll end it dancing too and the songs will stay with you long after the album has ended!

The stage is Robert Vendetta’s second, if not first, home and you can tell by the way Guy feels at ease behind the microphone and how he has told a continuous story through every single song. He has performed multiple times for the Norwegian royal family! Among his many musical idols are Dee Snider, Elvis, James Brown, and David Bowie. They showed him how to put on an amazing display! To demonstrate this, Robert Vendetta has set out to create amazing music videos. He claims he has been fortunate to collaborate with excellent teams to create the music videos he had in mind. Over 130,000 people have viewed some of these on Facebook. On Spotify, “Vacation,” the album’s lead single, has had 136k plays. That’s impressive for an independent musician! On four different continents, Robert Vendetta’s music has been broadcast on radio stations, I could go on and on but I implore you to listen to it for yourself to see exactly what I’m talking about!

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