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Aldís Fjóla Burn

Aldís Fjóla Releases Latest Track Titled “Burn”

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Aldís was inspired by bands like Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, and Alanis Morisette when he was 16 years old. He wished to feel that raw agony in order to be able to record those words. She didn’t begin working with the renowned musician and engineer Stefán rn Gunnlaugsson, who gave life to Aldís’ music, until recent years.

After listening to Aldís Fjóla’s songs, you’ll probably feel changed. The Borgarfjörur eystra farmgirl debuted her career at the age of ten in a singing competition and began creating dramatic lyrics, channelling all of her internal suffering.

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The Icelander has returned with a new single that will be followed by her second album in 2022 after a streak of single releases since 2018. Her debut album, Shadows, was published in 2020. The single “Burn” is a dark, gritty Rock song with 90s influences that would be the ideal fit for the film “The Crow.”

The outcomes of this collaboration are audibly and visually present in “Burn.” Aldís’s vocals are pure magic, emotive but yet rigid in their meaning and set inside a competent, modern rock production. The Icelandic singer offers accessible lyrics and a thorough look into her own aural cosmos with the help of a deep, robust tone (reminiscent of Skunk Anansie). The song’s genre-wise borrowings include tropes from prog-rock, as well as the roughness and attitude of punk rock and grunge.

Listen to Aldís Fjóla Burn song below.

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