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Aza Brown Afterthought

Aza Brown Releases heartwarming Song ‘Afterthought’

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The first chords of “Afterthought,” released on May 13, make it plain what it was made for: a 60s psychedelic arrangement that rapidly transports us to an overpowering sensory level, such is the instrumental’s strength! Melodic archetypes that transport us to a dream world, made more more so by Aza’s voice, which expertly drives the story. The mood is one of introspection, with simple and quite lysergic propulsion in the counterpoint that distils melancholy, even while the sound potential contains a euphoria rich with Latin overtones, which makes the experience even more enticing!

Aza Brown’s acoustic-driven melodic art rock composition ‘Afterthought’ is a lesson in minimalist psychedelia, with an almost mystic and surreal atmosphere. The similarly dark lyricism, which at first sounds like self-pity before completely plunging into the depths of dreary darkness, is only matched by the radiohead-esque vocal performance. It’s a song about vengeance, and it’s not in a cute way. There’s a sombre intensity that gradually transforms into something melancholy and almost terrifying. It manages to mix and juxtapose a deep grief with an uncomfortably joyful melody.

Aza Brown Afterthought

A hypnotic Latin melody, an addicting guitar sound, synths, a psychedelic ambiance, and a unique beat that makes you want to move. Apart from the lyrics, the sound is perhaps the most important aspect of the song. An fantastic production that fills my ears and body with delectable music from such great folks, a vintage retro vibe that I haven’t heard in a long time. Brown discusses the importance of getting up and doing action, of not feeling sorry for yourself, and of taking charge.

MP3 file of the song Afterthought is available for download, but recommended to stream it.

Listen to Aza Brown Afterthought song below!

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