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Ben Teeney Perfect Stranger x Gretzky's Advice

Ben Teeney Shares Two New Songs “Perfect Stranger x Gretzky’s Advice”

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The first song in a two-song release is called “Perfect Stranger.” Ben created the song “Gretzky’s Advice” after having a crush on one of his best friends and it not working out the way he wanted it to. Almost everyone has had a crush on their closest friend; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. “Perfect Stranger” is the perfect summer hit for your shattered little heart. If a hit song like “Perfect Stranger” doesn’t appear, then that is the case.

Even if you feel awful for Ben’s suffering, his song is still a blast. You’ll want to dance all night long to “Perfect Stranger.” You will fall in love with this song as you relax by the pool with your pals and enjoy a few drinks. If you don’t already adore Ben Teeny, you will once “Gretzky’s Advice,” the story’s last chapter, comes out. Although it is still in the pop genre, this song has a mournful tone to it because you have now come to terms with your choice.

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Canadian songwriter Ben Teeney is known for his danceable, infectious emo-pop. Since he first appeared on the scene in 2018, he has continued to score hits nonstop. Ben writes music that everybody may enjoy. One of the over 18,000 monthly Spotify users is almost certainly your mother.

If these two songs are your first exposure to Ben Teeny, you’re in luck because they show all of his varied talents. You can’t help but appreciate an artist who has that quality; you’ll be playing the soloist’s two albums over and over in your head for days to come.

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