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Ben Alexander Releases Latest Song ‘Run Away’

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Ben Alexander latest song ‘Run Away’ is a track that flawlessly blends electronic components, making it suitable for dance music fans and people who enjoy listening to music at all hours of the day and night. The song has a lively feel to it, and there’s no doubting that, when combined, these aspects stay faithful to traditional standards while yet providing listeners with music that reflects a variety of natural sounds. The track ‘Run Away’ perfectly captures a particular mood, evoking a wide range of emotions and character through powerful bright elements and captivating rhythms. The song contains everything a listener could want: appealing noises, seductive vibrations, and lovely melodic notes that form distinct identities throughout the song.

Electronic music is inexhaustible, but Norwegian musician Ben Alexander’s latest track contains a good portion of it. The artist excels at mixing a variety of aspects into his music, making it comprehensive and, in some ways, instructive for those unfamiliar with the style.

Ben Alexander run away

“Run Away,” for example, is a piece that effortlessly blends electropop, dance, and synth pop. The music sounds appropriate for the dance floor as well as the radio. However, it is safe to ingest in moments of relaxation, exercise, and even reflection. In the latter situation, it’s because “Run Away” is a tune that affects the listener and defies many electronic music preconceptions. While the structure of the style may appear artificial, there’s no doubting that when the pieces are effectively placed, they may move the listener as much as or more than an organic sound.

This is very different from Ben Alexander’s regular experimental approach. The musician conveys emotion through his lyrics and incorporates hypnotic vibrations and noises into the songs. It’s the same in the new song, which, above all, has a lot of personality. The song takes on a frenzied drive with vivid bass lines and a danceable rhythm with occasional breaks, starting with a very atmospheric bed of keyboards (Ben’s specialty). It still has certain psychedelic effects, which are responsible for numbing the listener.

The vocal work on “Run Away” is one of the album’s best. They sound in chorus, completely harmonised, and emphasise the atmospheric lines already stated in the text. This demonstrates Ben Alexander’s origins inspirations, such as world music and new age, among others. Although the single is immediately appealing, it grows in complexity and unveils new components with each listen.

Listen to Ben Alexander Run Away song

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