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Wiesinger FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Canadian Singer Wiesinger Releases Latest Single “FOMO”

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On May 6, 2022, Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Wiesinger, aka WIESINGER, released a new song called “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).” This is his third single of the year 2022.

Wiesinger’s story wasn’t any better; in fact, he ended up depressed and his life swiftly spiralled out of control, landing him in an Alberta hospital. He eventually had a life-threatening manic episode that resulted in a car collision and a police foot chase. There was nowhere else to go but the hospital after that, so this is where Wiesinger ended up.

To cope with his medication-induced sadness, Wiesinger began learning to play the guitar and spent days alone penning songs and hopeful poems, believing that his depression will pass one day. Years later, he is finally releasing the music he has been working on for years; Wiesinger’s latest track is called ‘Fomo.’

The song jumps right in with a calming rhythm and Wiesinger’s vocals breaking through shortly after, setting the atmosphere with “When I waste all day on my TikTok feed – All the experts say this product is exactly what I need.” This line is for you if you’ve ever had FOMO and been bombarded by infomercial-style influencers online. It’s a joke, but it’s true, and I believe everyone has experienced it at some point.

Beautifully crafted choruses and bridges follow the rest of the song, making it a great pop success from the Canadian musician.

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Wiesinger is a multi-award-winning author, videographer, business owner, cryptocurrency billionaire, and now a hope-dealing musician from Canada. A musician who deals in hope? That’s correct, he plays guitar and drums while penning songs to provide hope to others. Although this isn’t Wiesinger’s first time making music, his origins can be traced back to high school, when he formed a pop punk band with his buddies. Do you recall the name of your high school’s pop punk band? Have you ever wondered what they’re up to now? So, here’s your response… The lead singer opted to remain up late drinking beer and watching basketball with his mates, while the guitarist went off to do drugs and the drummer, Wiesinger, went off to do drugs.

Listen to Wiesinger FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) song below.

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