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Cardi B Opens Up About Her Appearance Change: “Everything Is Swollen”

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“I’m retaining water all over my body.”

Since dropping her hit single “Hot Sh*t” with Kanye West and Lil Durk over the summer, Cardi B has been working her way back to the top of the charts. The Bronx rapper has also blessed several upcoming artists with features this year, including Kay Glock, Summer Walker and SZA. Her latest collaboration saw her team up with one of the year’s top breakout artists, GloRilla, for their track “Tomorrow 2.”

While fans instantly fell in love with the high energy track and gritty visuals, many of them questioned Cardi B’s seemingly new appearance. One viewer tweeted, “Why Cardi B look like that? It’s something different.” On Friday, the mom of two hopped on social media to address critics of her look, explaining that its more health related than cosmetic.

“[Let me know] if you know any water pills for me,” she stated in an Instagram video. “Because as yall can see — ’cause a lot of y’all was like ‘Wtf, her face.’ I’m retaining water all over my body.” The mom of two went on to share how the retention has effected her appearance. “That’s why my cheeks, my lips, my thighs, my f**king feet. Everything is, my thighs are so swollen.”

Cardi’s video comes months after the “WAP” rapper called out fans for bringing up her changing looks and shaming her for past plastic surgery procedures. “The nose was done in 2020 sweety it’s been 2 years and after 30 pounds added on my body due to pregnancy the nose finally settled and looked snatched,” she clapped back at a fan back in March. ” I post every week so please tell me when I have the time to recover from every new face y’all claim I have every 2 day. Is getting old… just say I look good and go.”

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