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Cicci Landén Need To Run

Cicci Landén Releases Her Latest Song “Need To Run”

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Cicci Landén talks about her struggles in newest single titled ‘Need To Run.’

Amir Aly is the producer of Cicci Landén’s new song “Need To Run” which serves as a recap of her feelings throughout the previous two years.

Cicci Landén, a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from southern Sweden, draws her inspiration mostly from the country, blues, and country-music genres of American music, fostering a symbiosis of the most potent of these genres. She has a successful career and consistently releases songs that distil an absorption full of passion in her literary archetype, together with the vigour full of inspired melodies relating to the music!

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Her most recent single, “Need To Run,” has a lively rocker aim in her distinctive musical style, evoking the best moments of “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen. It is impossible to ignore such commanding voice, which carries a strong emotional appetite while also wearing down the most profound technique in its proclivity. We think the instrumental is a huge contribution to the track’s success as it moves through dives of grand intent while bringing an unbelievably potent guitar solo!

Cicci Landén Need To Run

The chorus is a completely different chapter, exploding with strong pop textures and sounding succinct, catchy, and made to be shouted at the top of your lungs by an enraged mob! The amazing riff, which leads us on the road to the most enticing journeys, sensory abducts me. We speed up and let the wind to flow with vibrant colours in its intended direction in order to avoid feeling the wind’s forceful blowing in our faces during this isolated road excursion.

Listen to Cicci Landén Need To Run song below.

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