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Conner Eko Share StoneBridge Remix of “Sink”

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A very danceable remix of Conner Eko’s previous song, “Sink,” was created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated dance music producer StoneBridge. The song has all the build-ups and drops of a huge festival hit and is upbeat and synth-pop.

After Conner Eko’s “SINK” became an instant hit, DJ StoneBridge remixes it and gives it a fresh perspective. The remix, which is eclectic, passionate, loud, and earth-shattering, illuminates the original “SINK” by Conner Eko’s boundless potential. A renewed interest in the original arrangement appears to be sparked by the new remix as well.

In “SINK,” by Conner Eko, a dreamlike, sensual retro electronic pop backdrop is detailed with a seductive vocal. The listeners’ imaginations seem to be filled with a far-off but reachable dream of the night light, passion, and eternity. The luscious song tends to create a dance floor with shimmering disco balls that is unaffected by the surrounding environment.

The song’s remix by DJ StoneBridge significantly alters the aural landscape by speeding up the tempo and adopting a more confrontational tone while retaining Eko’s romantic vocal and concept. With more ferocious drums and less mood-filled synth, StoneBridge’s remix creates a darker and chillier vibe. The echoed vocal and the beats are separated in a way that makes the listening experience more physical than sensual.

Flexible and adaptable, Conner Eko’s vocal in StoneBridge’s remix. Although it’s a little hazy, the melody’s charm seems to guide listeners through the experience. The remix likewise appears to be heavily dominated by the atmospheric portrayal. Without a doubt, StoneBridge’s version of “SINK” differs significantly from Eko’s original. However, it expands the discussion and the track’s potential.

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