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Danielle Bloom I Am Woman

Danielle Bloom Serves Us With “I Am Woman”

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Danielle Bloom has released a cover version of Helen Reddy “I Am Woman”

Danielle Bloom’s version of ‘I Am Woman’ is a defiant piece of roaring rock music, boisterous, loud, and entirely rock & roll. The nuance of Helen Reddy’s version is replaced with an inspiring and rousing anthemic mood that Bloom delivers with power and energy, as opposed to the original, which is considerably more pop driven and soft. It’s a song about female empowerment, a long-running feminist anthem that’s been reimagined as something far more anthemic and roaring.

Danielle Bloom had fantasies of being a badass, hard-driving Rock-n-Roll Goddess despite being the daughter of a pastor. Danielle grew up singing in choirs and touring church festivals, but she ditched her choir robes for corsets and cut-offs and smashed her way into the rock world, never looking back.

Danielle Bloom, a heavy-hitting rock goddess with an outstanding musical background that includes singing the National Anthem at sporting events and opening for musicians like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, was born for the stage. The fierce rock-n-roll heroine has even collaborated with authors and her own brother, Kid Rock bassist Aaron Julison, to create her own collection of outstanding compositions, and they will astound you! Danielle’s most recent release is an all-powerful and fascinating cover of Helen Reddy’s original song “I Am Woman.”

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Danielle’s take on ‘I Am Woman’ is full of confidence, strength, and theatricality. The tune begins with a determined drum beat, and you know you’re in for a wild trip. The performer matches the track’s undeniably empowering feel, which is appropriate given the track’s motivational title. Danielle’s version of ‘I Am Woman’ establishes its unusual sound right away, teasing you with hints of several genres melting together, from classic rock heaviness to gentleness with country undertones.

Danielle’s voice has the power of Joan Jett and other female rock-n-roll legends. Her voice has raw strength and drive, yet it’s also razor-sharp, clear, and tender at times. Danielle’s obvious enthusiasm for her craft adds to her appeal.

Listen to Danielle Bloom I Am Woman song below.

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