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Camilla Cabello- Camilla

  • Release date: 12 January 2018
  • Label: Interscope Records, SYCO music

The charming flair of the former Fifth Harmony member is mostly captured on her debut solo album. It shines, especially when it’s light and breezy, thanks to the magnificent “Havana,” which serves as its anchor.

Keystone for a celebrity genesis narrative is Camila Cabello’s seductive, salsa-infused song “Havana”: After a painful breakup with her Fifth Harmony bandmates, Cabello went solo and achieved her creative goals with a hit song that honoured her Cuban roots and helped define a year when Latin music was on the rise.

Cabello’s strongest suit has always been her dramatic flare. She was always easy to see in Fifth Harmony, and when she got the chance, she ate up the scenery like a spoiled character actor. (Hear her tear through the weightless trop-house hit “Write on Me” on the bridge.) Her performances on the duets that initially made her stand out—Shawn Mendes’s sleeper “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and Machine Gun Kelly’s soggy “Bad Things”—veer towards the theatrical, but that’s a good thing because her singing’s emotional impact compensates for her voice’s lack of volume and density.
It is this appealing personality that the record loses sight of when it stumbles. Her new single “Never Be the Same” has her growling and hiccupping through it, but its reliance on a love-drug conceit shows she’s a beginner writer with space to grow. (Cabello collaborated with an experienced producer group headed by Frank Dukes; yet, her songwriting credits on each track indicate a prolific Notes app.) The overdone hit singles “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Consequences,” which resemble Rihanna’s “Stay” somewhat, drag the album down to a crawl. Additionally, Camila’s interactions with pop culture trends yield a variety of outcomes. The bubbly, flirtatious song “Into It” discovers a delightfully pleasant spot inside a Lorde.Arianna Grande and Carly Rae Jepsen
None of these songs are complete duds; five years with a group like Fifth Harmony is like attending a longer pop boot camp, where you are forced to pick up some fundamental skills.If they seem unsatisfactory, it’s because they’re paired with enticing glimpses of a rising star—the kind of performer who has the charisma and presence to propel pop music into a new decade.Maybe that’s the best praise you can give Camila:It produces enough sparks to make anticipating more reasonable.
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Camilla Cabello’s Camilla Tracklist
1. “Never Be The Same”
2. “All These Years”
3. “She Loves Control”
4. “Havana” (featuring Young Thug)
5. “Inside Out”
6. “Consequences”
7. “Real Friends”
8. “Something’s Gotta Give
9. “In The Dark”
10. “Into It”
11. “Never Be The Same” (Radio Edit)