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Seasonal Falls’ “Reach For Nearby” Offers Advice on Living a Contented Life

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Hi dear readers, today we welcome you to our blog and we also welcome the Switzerland-based band Seasonal Falls. Seasonal Falls is the new recording project of Switzerland-based songwriter Roman Gabriel (The Kind Hills, The Dentals), whose songs are refined by Andrew Pelletier’s unique and emotive vocals. The heart-warming tracks capture the band’s passion for quirky indie music in general and of the 90s in particular. The song is an ode to being lazy. Or to put it more nicely: to being frugal and content. Now let’s talk about the song in great detail

The song begins with a delicate, warm, and stripped-down guitar strum. With lyrics like “I don’t reach for the sky” and “ I just reach for nearby”. This song’s folky melodies and ballad-like tones are a magical and ethereal delight for the ears. Andrew’s voice truly comes through, full of charm and delicious flavor. With this song, he offers so much that it makes you feel at ease. His amazing voice blends in flawlessly with the instruments, and everything is balanced and proportional.

Lyrically, the song talks about how to finally break free from bondage or the feeling of being kept down with notable lyrics like “I don’t reach for the sky, I don’t care its way too high,” the song delves into the importance of simplicity and bring content with what one already has. The song is a subtle caution to people to not be greedy The songwriting is kept simple and is relatable which allows listeners to connect with the song in a deeper more real way.

Andrew’s dreamy and silky vocal tones blend in perfectly with the instrumentals in Reach for Nearby, making it a great production. The track is thickly rich due to the guitar augmentations and varied piano accents, which adds to the overall delightful listening experience. This lively and well-balanced interaction is made possible by Jane’s voice, which blends effortlessly with the musical composition and poetic style. The result is a great aural design with outstanding clarity.

All in all “Reach for Nearby” by Seasonal Falls is a great song that advises listeners that sometimes what you have close to you is also to be cherished. As the group’s first single it shows great potential and shows the future of the group in the music industry. I for one cannot sit to see what they put out next

Stream “Reach for Nearby” by Seasonal Falls on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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