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Cece Winas – Believe For It

  • Release date: 12 March 2021
  • Label: Puresprings gospel and fair trade services

In 2017, CeCe Winans produced a really timeless record. Released in the beginning of that year, when everything seemed to be upside down, Let Them Fall In Love demonstrated the healing power of music, especially gospel music. Let Them Fall in Love was a critical and financial hit that brought Winans numerous honours.

So, the question becomes: What does this member of gospel music’s royal family do for an encore? Well, she started by making some history with her next recording, the live album Believe for It. The album is the first live praise album recorded in Nashville. That’s an amazing thought when you consider all of the concerts that have been held in Music City over the years. We know that she likes to go big, and that is what listeners hear on this 12-track live recording.

That’s also what the title tune of this album sounds like. With the help of a choir, Winans delivers a powerful vocal performance on this hymn of praise and joy. Furthermore, the song “Believe For It” has a message relevant to the times we live in. The song exhorts listeners to put their faith in God’s promises and word regardless of what life throws at them. Ce Ce Winans tells believers that all is possible if we believe on this stirring praise and worship album.

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Cece Winas Brlieve For it Tracklist


  1. Fire
  2. 2. Never Lost
  3. Believe for it
  4. King of glory
  5. Worthy of it all
  6. Just To be close to you
  7. Shepherd
  8. Alabaster
  9. Jesus You’re Beautiful
  10. I have a saviour
  11. Goodness of God
  12. No Greater