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Chris Brown – Grafitti

  • Release date: 8 December 2009
  • Label: Jive records

There are plenty of points where Brown attempts to apologize. But its too little too late when “Crawl” opens with: “So where do we go from here/ With all of this fear in your eyes?” Same goes for “So Cold” which goes on and on about Brown’s misery of being alone. It’s really hard to believe because he follows this up with “What I Do” singing about “the cars, the gals and the cribs.” Life must really be tough for Mr. Brown. More money, more problems it seems. And then the bottom drops out as Brown blames Rihanna outright on “Famous Girl” when he sings about her cheating on him first: “I don’t wear no halo/You were the first to play the game though.. Should’ve known you’d break my heart.”

Brown moves from deep to shallow once more. “Take My Time” is the antithesis of the person who is drowning in self-pity as he sings in the background in a sensual manner about “kissing and licking on you everywhere.” Tracks like “I.Y.A.”, “Pass Out,” and “Wait” are just mindless club bangers from the album’s back end.

The goal of “Graffiti” is to have Brown appear as the helpless victim. It seems like Chris Brown should be pitied because he is breaking down in songs like “Lucky Me” and “Fallin’ Down.” But really, are we supposed to feel sorry for him when he brought it on himself? Because he is a famous person, he wants us to feel sorry for him when he says, “Why is it so easy for you to blame/I’m only human, we’re all the same?” To be honest, Brown’s conceit makes it very difficult to enjoy his music or to take him seriously. His lack of awareness and conceit are unbearable

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Chris Brown’s Graffiti Tracklist


1. “I can transform Ya featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz)
2. “Sing Like Me
3. “Crawl
4. “So Cold
5. “What I Do
6. “Famous Girl
7. “Take My Time” (featuring Tank)
8. “I.Y.A
9. “Pass Out” (featuring Eva Simons)
10. “Wait” (featuring Trey Songz & The Game)
11. “Lucky Me
12. “Fallin’ Down
13. “I’ll Go
14. “Girlfriend” (featuring Lupe Fiasco)