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Doja Cat – Hot Pink

  • Release date: 11 November 2020
  • Label: Kemosabe Records, RCA

Doja Cat Releases Album titled “Hot Pink”

Fans of “Amala” are aware that Doja Cat doesn’t hesitate to sing about her desires or having sex. (See: “Go To Town,” the song about cunninlingus that opens “Amala.”). The songs on “Amala” definitely make references to Doja Cat’s sexual life, but they do so in a metaphorical way. The artist shares further details about her experiences in “Hot Pink.” “Cyber Sex,” the first song on the album, is the ideal illustration of how intimate Doja Cat’s music has grown. With lyrics that capture Doja Cat’s refusal to let physical distance ruin her sex life—”When he off work, he calling me on Skype” and “Can’t give head, you give me the FaceTime”—”Cyber Sex” is akin to an R-rated version of Beyoncé’s “Video Phone.” 

Hot Pink” has a powerful and confident first half, but the second half wanes. Doja Cat is known for songs like “Cyber Sex,” “Rules,” “Bottom Bitch,” and “Won’t Bite” (with Smino), which contains background barking noises. These songs are the best examples of the artist’s songwriting and performing skills. The rapping on “Say So” and “Addiction” is lively and enjoyable, but it is not as good as the verses on “Rules.” “Like That (featuring Gucci Mane)” is incredibly dull in contrast to “Won’t Bite”; not even Gucci Mane could salvage it, delivering an uncharacteristically unimpressive verse instead. Doja Cat sings a seductive rendition of “Streets,” with lines like “It was difficult to find someone like you”.
It’s admirable that Doja Cat can change up the flow of a stanza, express her sexuality freely, and use clever wordplay in “Hot Pink.” Regretfully, the album’s second half falls short of what the first half offered. The less distinctive tracks on “Hot Pink” don’t deserve the same attention as the standouts, even while none of the songs are so awful that you should skip them. The songs “Rules,” “Won’t Bite,” “Cyber Sex,” and “Bottom Bitch” are good examples of how the remainder of the album’s promise was squandered. Even yet, “Hot Pink” as a whole is still worth hearing, if only to hear a woman who is confidently in charge of her sexuality and sound.

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Doja Cat’s Hot Pink Tracklist

01. Cyber Sex
02. Bite
03. Rules
04. Bottom Bitch
05. Say So
06. Like That
07. Talk Dirty
08. Addiction
09. Streets
10. Shine
11. Better Than Me
12. Juicy (Remix)