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Doja Cat – Planet Her

  • Release date: 25 July 2021
  • Label: RCA, Kemosabe records

Doja Cat Releases new album titled “Planet Her”

It’s music that highlights Doja Cat’s best qualities. She has a genuine ability to sing and rap; when she duets with Ariana Grande on I Don’t Do Drugs, she doesn’t sound out of place. Her lyrical abilities are primarily focused on being lighthearted and humorous rather than on writing essays on serious subjects. Naked says, ‘You know I love to dance / Let me kindly invite you to the party in my trousers. Follow me to my dressing room. Let me know if you ain’t ‘into that NSFW’. Unexpectedly, she says to a possible suitor on Get Into It (Yuh), “Call him Ed Sheeran,” then clarifies, “He’s in love with my body.” It’s music that allows for some experimentation, like on Young Thug’s collaboration Payday

The reason why women in rap are experiencing a golden age However, Planet Her’s carefree strategy is not without its drawbacks. Even with its relative shortness, it falters in the middle due to a string of dull ballads that not even The Weeknd’s cameo can save from boredom. It’s strange to let something go from a performer who is obviously so conscious of not wearing out her fans.


Not that its shortcomings will prevent Planet Her from becoming a financial success. Kiss Me More shot to the top 3 on both sides of the Atlantic as soon as it was released, sparking another TikTok dance competition. There’s enough breezy, catchy, fun material on this album to keep non-professional choreographers busy for the remainder of the summer. Nobody really needs or wants a true science fiction concept album from Doja Cat, especially because she’s already perfectly captured the sound of 2021 pop, which many others are doing, albeit more laboriously. Planet Her doesn’t offer a clear response to the question of what happens after this specific period in pop culture passes.

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Doja Cat’s Planet Her Tracklist

1. “Woman”
2. “Naked”
3. “Pay Day” feat. Young Thug
4. “Get Into It (Yuh)”
5. “Need to Know”
6. “I Don’t Do Drugs” feat. Ariana Grande
7. “Love to Dream”
8. “You Right” Doja Cat & The Weeknd
9. “Been Like This”
10. “Options” feat. JID
11. “Ain’t Shit”
12. “Imagine”
13. “Alone”
14. “Kiss Me More” feat. SZA