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Drake – Nothing Was The Same

  • Release date: 23 September 2013
  • Label: OVO,Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records

Drake Releases a rap album titled “Nothing was the same”

Nothing Was the Same by Drake exposes so much of Drake that it’s simple to see flaws in his tormented-player persona: His confessions eventually begin to seem more and more like sly brags about all the lovely hearts he’s crushed. Perhaps he wants you to notice that inconsistency as well. After all, Drake has never been one to hide his flaws—in fact, they’re the whole idea.

This is the Drakiest album to date by Drake: Nothing Was the Same is a solo record, with the exception of a cameo from Jay-Z at the album’s conclusion. Drake exhibits all of his usual traits on this album. He is incredibly spiteful here, even for a rapper who is notorious for making fun of his less renowned lovers on tape: His line from “From Time,” “The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree/I’ve always been feeling like she was the piece to complete me,” has become infamous in just four days of the album’s release online. The reference is so specific that the real Courtney had to lock her social media accounts.

Large, amiable singles are also available, most notably “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” a bar mitzvah floor-filler that takes its smooth, bouncing groove from “Sexual Healing.” One of Drake’s best-ever pure pop tunes, the song quickly became a standard and is fantastic. It also doesn’t belong on this gloomy record, which is Drake’s most victorious and melancholy work to date. He boasts on “Tuscan Leather,” “My life’s a completed checklist,” which gives Drake even more cause to feel better. However, it’s also what you say just before you pass away, and I can’t think of anything more depressing than that.

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Nothing was the same Tracklist

1. Tuscan Leather
2. Furthest Thing
3. Started From The Bottom
4. Wu-Tang Forever
5. Own It
6. Worst Behavior
7. From Time
8.Hold on We’re Going Home ft Majid Jordan
9. Connect
10. The Language
11. 305 To My City (f/ Detail)
12. Too Much
13. Pound Cake (f/ Jay Z) / Paris Morton Music 2