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Drake – Views

  • Release date: 29 April 2016
  • Label: OVO,Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records

With the much awaited “Views,” Drake tries out a few different genres.

In his most recent iteration of the ‘9am in Dallas’ approach, Drake brought back some nostalgia with a retro touch. Strong pulse and a mellow instrumental arrangement create a family-like environment, while Brandy’s silky vocals set a decidedly 90s vibe against the backdrop. It is noticeably less intense than ‘Hype,’ despite the track having an assertive energy. These well composed tracks, however, are what give an album its classic status and bold declaration of its enduring greatness.

To be honest, there is a lot of variation on this album It covers every taste that one could hope for in a compilation of rap and R&B songs. Throughout his career, Drake has continuously demonstrated his ability to create songs with a variety of tonal qualities, so an album like this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The album sounds remarkably unified, and surprise, Drake seemed to have tackled it with a business-minded, no-nonsense mindset. It almost seems as though his priority was making music that will endure over time rather than following the latest fads. He seemed intent on carefully crafting every sound, not just producing something, but perfection. Drake’s versatility—his signature skill—is evident on this record. However, it seems as though in the process of pursuing his goals, he may have compromised on the profundity of his lyrics, which is why this album feels a little flat. All the same, it’s still fun. Is this a classic? Maybe, and  it certainly has a strong body of work overall.

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Drake’s Views ‘ Tracklist

1. “Keep The Family Close”

2. “9”

3. “U With Me?”

4. “Feel No Ways”

5. “Hype”

6. “Weston Road Flows”

7. “Redemption”

8. “With You”

9. “Faithful”

10. “Still Here”

11. “Controlla”

12. “One Dance

13. “Grammys”

14. “Childs Play”

15. “Pop Style”

16. “Too Good”

17. “Summers Over Interlude”

18. “Fire & Desire”

19. “Views”

20. “Hotline Bling (Bonus)”