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Iggy Azalea – In my defense

  • Release date: 19 July 2019
  • Label: Bad dreams records

Iggy Azalea wishes to reassure you that she is not sorry. On every song of her new album, she makes reference to this, twisting it into boasts about her wealth and physical appearance to the point where they all converge into a tiny wreath. It’s a strange package for a high-stakes record: This is the first album she’s released on her own label and her first in five years since her intended 2016 release, Digital Distortion, was cancelled. She has solidified a reputation based on controversy and appropriation during those years.

On an album with the unsubtle title In My Defense, she attempts to cast herself as a victim while further distorting and dismissing the cultures she takes from. Less than three minutes into the album, she raps, “Because I talk like this and my ass fat/They be saying Iggy tryna act black.” A few tracks later, she drops the record’s thesis: “I started to say sorry, but fuck that shit.”

Iggy can consider herself to be a trailblazer who helped establish the path for female rappers. “Thanks I Get,” the album’s first track, is a pathetic tirade about the “little mes” she says she sees. Since the beginning of rap, women have been rapping alongside guys, but it hasn’t been until recently, years after Iggy entered the scene, that they appear to be slowly gaining the same recognition.

The worst thing we see on an album that seems so focused on “haters” is Iggy herself. She corrodes and embarrasses herself in one line, “They call me racist/Only thing I like is green and blue faces.” She provides just a gaudy caricature, not penitence. Her sole line of defence is to irritate more.

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Iggy Azalea’s In My Defense Tracklist

1. Thanks I Get
2. Clap Back
3. Sally Walker
4. Hoemita f. Lil Yachty
5. Started
6. Spend It
7. Fuck It Up f. Kash Doll
8. Big Bag f. Stini
9. Comme Des Garcons
10. Freak of the Week f. Juicy J
11. Just Wanna
12. Pussy Pop