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John Legend – Bigger Love

  • Release date: 19 July 2020
  • Label: Columbia records

John Legend releases another album called “Bigger  Love “

His seventh album, Bigger Love, demonstrates the growing nuance of his musical talent and social commentary. Legend uses a delicate touch to create a romantic Sturm und Drang. Look at how “Ooh Laa” combines a hip-hop bassline that makes you quake with an interpolation of the Flamingos’ timeless doo-wop song “I Only Have Eyes for You,” all while Legend delivers flirtatious lyrics about how he’s going to “smack it, flip it” and yet seem like a gentleman. With a guest verse from socially conscious Southern rapper Rapsody, “Remember Us” is a graceful tribute to Al Green that tenderly recalls Biggie, Nipsey, and Kobe while altering terrible history. The song “Don’t Walk Away” is a desperate cry for pre-breakup redemption with a scorching cameo by up-and-coming reggae artist Koffee.

Legend said that he thinks recent events will make Bigger Love feel “more relevant.” Indeed, its beatifically slick title track, shimmying along like one of Drake’s bright, island-scented hits, is an ode to staying upbeat even if “the world feels like it’s crumblin’.” An even more self-aware moment comes on the single “Actions,” in which Legend sings, “Actions speak louder than … love songs,” as if he might be questioning the very efficacy of mass-market valentines in a world on fire.
The grand piano ballad “Never Break,” which beseeches unity over insurmountable odds, is the album’s final track and best expresses the yearning to strive for a better love.While he sings a song about marriage, you can almost hear it as the soundtrack to an MSNBC montage of inspirational 2020 footage, which includes health care workers on the front lines, protesters kneeling with police, voters in socially isolated lines at the polls, and a burdened America with its chin up, grasping a future as hopeful, sane, and generous as the man singing the song.
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John Legend’s Bigger Love Tracklist
1. “Ooh Laa”
2. “Actions”
3. “I Do”
4. “One Life”
5. “Wild” feat. Gary Clark Jr.
6. “Bigger Love”
7. “U Move, I Move” feat. Jhené Aiko
8. “Favorite Place”
9. “Slow Cooker”
10. “Focused”
11. “Conversations in the Dark”
12. “Don’t Walk Away” feat. Koffee
13. “Remember Us” feat. Rapsody
14. “I’m Ready” feat. Camper
15. “Always”
16. “Never Break”