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Jonas Brothers- The Album

  • Release date: 12 June 2023
  • Label: Hollywood Records, Republic Records

The JoBros still have a sizable and devoted following even though their time on the Disney Channel has long since ended. In May, they released “The Album,” a new album that received positive reviews. The trio claims they were inspired by the music their father played for them as children, primarily songs from the 1970s and ’80s, for this, their first album release in four years. Nick Jonas cites the Bee Gees as a key influence for “The Album,” citing their three-part harmonies and upbeat, sultry music.


However, their history as a band hasn’t always been as easy-going as it may seem. The band disbanded in 2013 due to a “deep rift” and “creative differences.” During their time apart, Joe started the band DNCE, known for the popular song “Cake By The Ocean,” Nick went solo and released music like the track “Jealous” under only his name, while Kevin Jonas used the opportunity to concentrate on his family. Nick adds, “Family is incredible and the source of a lot of happiness and comfort, but it can also be a challenge at times.”


The brothers realised the value of collaborating with producers and musicians outside the family when the group came back together in 2019. On the 2019 album “Happiness Begins” and the top-charting single “Sucker,” which gave them their first No. 1 success, they collaborated with Ryan Tedder. On “The Album,” the group collaborated with singer-songwriter Jon Bellion.



Family ties are the album’s overarching theme. With praise for their parents and an acknowledgment of the benefits and difficulties of working with family members, the song “Waffle House” speaks directly to that. “‘Waffle House’ is really not a song about Waffle House, the restaurant,” claims Nick. It’s more about the concept of getting together in a setting where you feel secure to have frank conversations, difficult topics, and everything in between.


They depended heavily on one other and their parents as popular teenagers. But they now have a different idea of what a family is than they did ten or more years ago. The music video for “Sucker” features all three of their wives: Nick’s wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Joe’s wife Sophie Turner, and Kevin’s wife Danielle Jonas. Additionally, the fact that all three brothers are dads to young children has greatly influenced their creative processes and their sources of inspiration


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Jonas Brothers’ The Album Tracklist


  1. Miracle
  2. Montana Sky
  3. Wings
  4. Sail Away
  5. Americana
  6. Celebrate!
  7. Waffle House
  8. Vacation Eyes
  9. Summer in the Hamptons
  10. Summer Baby
  11. Little Bird
  12. Walls (feat Jon Bellion)