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Meghan Trainor – Title

  • Release date: 9 January 2019
  • Label: Epic Label

Trainor’s first major-label record puts her to a more rigorous test. It is the result of 21-year-old Trainor’s epiphany after reaching an understanding with Nashville writer-producer Kevin Kadish, who is twice her age. The four-song EP from September shares the meta-title Title. He had apparently been nurturing the idea of a revival sound a la Amy Winehouse from the early 1960s, minus the drugs and demons, for years before finding a vehicle in Trainor’s musical and lyrical prowess and her post-millennial, girl-next-door attitude. She was first signed, a la Taylor Swift, as a Music Row composer while still in high school. However, her transition from fronting artist to recording artist was less smooth; she didn’t release “Bass” until after other musicians, including Beyoncé, apparently declined to record it.

The album opens with a 24-second “Mr. Sandman”-style intro, “The Best Part,” in which Trainor declares her delight in being a songwriter. Like Swift’s bonus-track “voice memos” on 1989, it seems designed to pre-empt any slander that she may not be the prime creative mover here. And as on 1989, “Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’,” what this recently awkward adolescent has on her mind is self-respect, self-forgiveness and a robust skepticism toward cute boys’ wiles.

However, you can’t help but notice this young musician’s talent for melodic and rhythmic hooks, phrase twists, and self-deprecating humour on practically every song, in addition to her smooth, versatile voice. Trainor’s flaws are her style cherry-picking and her need to seem simultaneously endearingly relatable and socially acceptable, aside from her obvious naivete. But if she can develop with the same vivaciousness into the uniqueness and messiness of her humanity, her career will last far beyond her breakthrough year.

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Meghan Trainor’s Title Tracklist

.the best part 

2.All about that bass

3.Dear future husband

4.Close your eyes


6.Like Im Gonna Loose You ft John Legend

7.Bang Dem Sticks


9 Title

10.What if I 

11.Lips are movin

12 No good for you

13.Me Almost ft Shy Carter

14.My selfish heart


16 What If I
17.Title (Acoustic)

18.Ill be home