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Michael W Smith – Worship

  • Release date: 11 September 2001
  • Label: Reunion records

There are so many good points to the album that it’s difficult to know where to start. Worship is comprised of a feature live performance at YC 2002 at the Skyreach Centre in Alberta Canada. It’s a completely separate performance than what was recorded for the album Worship or even his follow-up, Worship Again. This makes for a different audience, a different set list, and just a whole new experience. One thing I liked most about this performance is Smitty’s backup choir is about a fifth of what was on Worship. This helped make the perfect performance

Michael appeared to be overwhelmed by the choir’s strength on the Worship album ,and the outcome just felt a bit excessive. This time around, the vocal support has been reduced, giving the tunes a more personal vibe and making it simpler to get lost in the throng. The audience’s involvement takes over and provides a far more intimate and impactful environment with each song than the record did because the choir is reduced to such a small level.

Michael W. Smith does something absolutely amazing with this album. He makes it an album dedicated to praising our Heavenly Father and Jesus shows up. Grab this album today and just try to listen to the whole thing without joining in. You can’t! So worship hard!


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Michael W Smith’s Worship Tracklist

  • 1.Forever
  • 2.The Heart of Worship
  • 3.Draw Me Close
  • 4.Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • 5.Open the Eyes of My Heart
  • 6.Above All
  • 7.Breathe
  • 8.Let It Rain
  • 9.Agnus Dei
  • 10.Awesome God
  • 11.More Love, More Power
  • 12.Purified – (studio version, bonus track)
  • 13.Above All –