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Sean Paul – Tomahawk Technique

  • Release date: 28 September 2018
  • Label: Atlantic Records

Jamaican rapper Sean Paul has one of the most distinctive voices in the industry.  His fast paced, dutty riddims have graced not only his solo albums but tracks by a multitude of other RnB and hip-hop stars.  But over the course of his career, beginning back in 1998, his albums have progressively diminished his reggae roots with only minor refinements to the pop-dancefloor sound.  ‘Tomahawk Technique’ is no different.

Not surprisingly, the best songs are the ones that have the biggest reggae influence. Sean Paul is at his best when he raps to an addictive tune, Roll Wid Di Don, with an almost impenetrable accent (at least to listeners in the UK). It sounds like he doesn’t even stop breathing. However, nothing on this album is almost as easily recognised as songs like Temperature or Gimme The Light from his earlier albums. Though it may not push any boundaries and have meaningless lyrics, the beats offered here are guaranteed to get your body moving and grinding, so if they don’t, you might as well be dead.

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Sean Paul’s Tomahawk Technique tracklist
1. Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)
2. She Doesn’t Mind
3. Body
4. What I Want
5. Won’t Stop (Turn Me Out)
6. Dream Girl
7. Hold On
8. How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Kelly Rowland)
9. Put It On You
10. Roll Wid Di Don
11. Touch The Sky
12. Wedding Crashers