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Shawn Mendes – Illuminate

  • Release date: 23 September 2016
  • Label: Island Records,Universal Music Canada

On September 23, 2016, Mendes’ third album, Illuminate, was made available. Island Records, a record label, created the pop album. As a whole, the album ranks among the best of the 2010s. The album Illuminate features a combination of love songs and social issues. There are a lot of wonderful songs on this album for you and your partner, and it will make you cry.

Mendes is using his voice in ways we haven’t heard previously on Illuminate. There are “different aspects to the album” on this one. While some of the tracks are pure pop, others have you thinking, “Wow, this is so John Mayer.” Even “Ruin,” the album’s number one single, is “a lot more soulful and R&B… while still being super singer-songwriter-y and still pop,” he said.

Illuminate lasts for 41 minutes and 15 seconds, or 52 minutes and 2 seconds if the deluxe edition is taken into consideration. Twelve songs make up the album, plus three bonus tracks. The acoustic rendition of “Mercy” is one of the tracks on the deluxe version. Many believe that Mendes can produce excellent songs that millions of people can identify with. Compared to his earlier songs, the meaning of these new songs is far deeper.

Although Handwritten was excellent, Illuminate is even better. Mendes is still discovering who he is on this album, but he has come a long way since 18 months ago. Mendes really outperformed himself with this album.

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Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate Tracklist

1. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back
2. Ruin
3. Mercy
4. Treat You Better
5. Three Empty Words
6. Don’t Be A Fool
7. Like This
8. No Promises
9. Lights On
10. Honest
11. Patience
12. Bad Reputation
13. Understand
14. Hold On (Bonus Track)
15. Roses (Bonus Track)
16. Mercy (Acoustic Bonus Track)