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Dj Moderno La Nave Nodriza

Dj Moderno Release ‘La Nave Nodriza’ Song

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Dj Moderno‘s latest track, “La Nave Nodriza,” is also the title of his debut solo album. Dj Moderno has been DJing at indie/electronic venues and festivals for years, publishing remixes of indie bands, acting and publishing material with bands, and publishing remixes of indie bands. Learn about the 2nd of May in Formula Indie.

On April 6, La Nave Nodriza was released, along with the song of the same name. A song with strong and danceable foundations, similar to funk and the music of Chromeo, Purple Disco Machine, or even Fangoria, in this case due to Spam DJ’s production. DJ Moderno created, recorded, and played all of the instruments in his own studio, Moderno’s Terrace, with vocals by Ana Martnez (keyboards and voice in Igeldo) and mixing and mastering by Juan Sueiro Spam DJ.

An album whose title is La Nave Nodriza, and for which we have already released several singles, some of which are unique. DJ Moderno has some fascinating collaborations with this record. Various artists’ voices, such as Amyjo Doherty, Yvonne Power, and Ana Martnez, are among them. The mixing and mastering was done by Xergio Córdoba, David Van Bylen, and Juan Sueiro Spam DJ.

Dj Moderno La Nave Nodriza

The Mothership’s lyrics describe a fateful night when a relationship appears to be broken and the protagonist attempts everything he can to mend it by travelling with his mothership. It includes references to Nicolette, a Pamplona electronic music club where DJ Moderno is a regular, to bands like Disclosure and Hot Chip (obvious inspirations of the artist in all of his songs), as well as the pandemic theme with paracetamol, antigens, and Buuel films.

Listen to Dj Moderno La Nave Nodriza Song below!

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