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Dj Moderno Tus Ojos

Dj Moderno Releases The Visuals For “Tus Ojos”

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DJ Moderno is a musician and producer from Madrid, Spain who has spent years remixing independent, local, and international acts. He has performed at numerous European events and is the house DJ in various bars in his hometown.

Despite having published music since 2015, this Madrilenian’s career didn’t really take off until 2020. “Tus Ojos” is the second tune from his most recent full-length album, “La Nave Nodriza” (The Mothership), which was just released.

DJ Moderno is able to create euphoric environments that entice us to dance ecstatically and yell along with the vocoded vocals by utilising all of his musical production expertise. The lyrics of the song, in comparison, are anything but upbeat. They talk about a poor relationship and an evening out during which a lot of negative things start to occur.

Because of these contrasts, “Tus Ojos” (your eyes) is an extremely fun song that practically any listener may readily accept and appreciate. It is supersonic, catchy, and heavily influenced by pop music, making us think of bands like The KVB, Disclosure, or Sextile.

Without a doubt, DJ Moderno has a fresh and contagious sound. A colourful contrast between party materials and universal human problems and ideas that envelops us in a sense of liberation and happiness. Listen to it if you can!

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