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Grenadazson Pin Point

Grenadazson Releases Latest Track “Pin Point”

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Pin Point is a smash posse cut that Grenadazson recorded with his brothers in 2021 that encapsulates their unique and diverse talents that always blends when they collaborate on a track. They haven’t missed yet because they are creative and very serious about their art and craft.

Grenadazson is an aspiring musician who has slept on his dream of making music for quite some time. 2019 was the end of that! Grenadazson believes everything happens for a reason and things happen in the time that they’re meant to happen. Grenadazson said his time had indeed come. He manifested his thoughts and dreams and finally started making music which has been a passion of his, that has burned endlessly for years and just wouldn’t extinguish.

Grenadazson Pin Point

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After further drawbacks and delays that were out of his control. Grenadazson debut single was officially release on May 5th, 2021. The feeling for Grenadazson was truly joyous and surreal. Grenadazson believes he’s now on the verge of his tenth single release.

Listen to Grenadazson ‘Pin Point’ song below.

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