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Harpa Went All Emotional On “Hollow” Song

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The song “Hollow” conveys the tale of the price of falling in love and giving your all to it. Even if you are aware of how it makes you feel and how much it will hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally, you are unable to stop yourself from doing it.

The acoustic guitar’s captivating, introspective fingerpicking, which eases in with emotional depth, is what initially draws your attention. The vocals of Harpa are gentle and sorrowful, with the kind of vision that gives “Hollow” a gloomy and fragile feel.

Cinematic soundscapes conjure up the intimate and monumental scenes that viewers typically experience on a large screen, but this isn’t a retelling of an earlier tale. Harpa’s voice is distinctive and seductive, conveying a perspective and experience that are more impressive and memorable. It appears to give those really human sensations still another level of storytelling and depth.

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“Hollow” describes the experience of loving someone even though it consumes all of your strength as well as the kind of love that burns and consumes. Passion may be dangerous, addiction destructive, and the greatest romance can leave you feeling empty. Harpa captures the twisting, opposing power that is pulling her apart in the dramatic build-up of the song between what burns and what draws. She so brilliantly captures the feeling, from the delicately spoken moments to the cathartic shout. The lonely and melancholy are then conveyed by the gentle vocal harmonies.

However, Harpa’s vocal has a particularly unique quality that appears to transcend the experience of a love song. Her singing possesses both the traditional allure and the deeply accessible, moving quality of a pop performer. Overall, “Hollow” offers a compelling listening experience. She infuses her love-centered stories with an uncommon depth of creativity. Both the acoustic and electric guitars used in her work have melodic and textural elements. The expressive power is pushed by the powerful melodic presence, creating an artistic narrative.

Listen to Harpa Hollow song below.

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