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Canadian Indie Pop band Wotts Releases “LEMONADE”

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Wotts, an indie pop duo from Ottawa, Canada, is thrilled to present their new track “LEMONADE.” The tune aims for a cinematic and warm vibe in reaction to the summer days ahead, drawing inspiration from M83 and Empire of the Sun.

“LEMONADE,” produced by Jayem (the band’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist), focuses on the difficult times people endure in relationships and the tenacity required to get through them. “It can be simple to quit a relationship if you hit a hard period,” he says, “especially if you have a habit of erecting walls to protect yourself.” You can meet a wonderful person and yet have horrible days, so this song serves as a reminder that digging deep, battling anxieties, and taking a leap of faith can be worthwhile.”

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Wotts draws from a variety of genres in this song, including indie pop, alt pop, and rock. “I believe we’re having a lot of fun exploring new sounds and really trying to develop an atmosphere with our music,” says bassist and guitarist Ricky 100. “LEMONADE” is the duo’s follow-up to “DOMINO,” a retro-inspired music that draws heavily on 80s aesthetic imagery like “Breakfast Club” and “Stranger Things.” “I really liked the experience of utilising film as a guide,”

Jayem says, “so I chose to keep it going here.” I had an old school romcom playing in the background, and it had one of those cliché situations where someone dashes through an airport in an attempt to catch the love of their life before they flew away. So we attempted to express that sense of desperation and trust that you get from moments like that here.” The fact that Ricky 100 was quarantined outside the nation during production contributed to the difficulty. “I felt horrible for him being so secluded,” Jayem says, “so I thought it would be fun to chop up and sample some of the unused portions he sent me over the last few months.” It would be as if he were in the studio with me. It was a challenge, but it was well worth the effort in the end.”

Wotts is an indie pop duo from Ottawa, Canada, consisting of vocalist/multiinstrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. Wotts have performed at RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week, and Junofest, and have garnered praise from CBC Radio (Canada), Metro News (Canada), and PopMatters for their work (U.S.).

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