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Herald K Arethusa

Herald K Releases Fresh Single “Arethusa”

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The song “Arethusa” will appear on Herald K’s upcoming album, “Mythologies,” which promises to have more tales similar to this one, as well as wonderful instruments and collaborations with other outstanding performers!

The name of the new single is “Arethusa,” a lovely nymph. The song starts with lovely magical instrumentation, much like the serene vision of woman taking a bath in a river. The plot twist is that Alpheus, the river who is actually a god, falls in love with the nymph and desires to possess her exclusively. A rich, deep voice tells the bubbling and foaming tale, highlighting the river god’s unbridled passion and the nymphs’ desperate need to flee. Trust that the nymph was able to flee is made possible by the artist’s soothing voice and full tranquilly. You inquire, “How?” So you’ll have to check out this music!

The Norwegian singer-songwriter appreciates a decent novel. He creates a mesmerising environment surrounding the scene, allowing the listeners to come and drown in the atmosphere and be a witness to some baffling stories filled with secret meanings. His soft folky sound is actually inspired by tales described in his favourite poetry and novels. Herald K is currently highly interested in all things mythical, and this new single is the first of a series of songs that will explore this theme.

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