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Itay Kashti Releases New Song “EU Democracy” With Video

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Itay Kashti, a skilled music producer, has released a new tune called EU Democracy. Kashti’s guitar work is incredible once again in this new tune. Beautiful soundscapes combined with Kashti’s incredible narrative ability have resulted in this incredible track that transports the listener to a paradise of pleasure and no worries. It’s like when a character in a movie puts on earbuds and shuts off the rest of the world.

Itay Kashti is a multi-talented music producer, composer, writer, and sound engineer. He has been in the music industry since 2008 and is headquartered in London. Kashti opened the Blue Room Studios in Brick Lane in 2016 as his own studio. Due to his extensive expertise in the music industry, he is not only a fantastic artist but also a specialist in the field of artist development.

Kashti drops tiny bits of his perspective on European politics in this track. This track’s samples are incredibly pertinent and give it a sense of depth.

“And the question that I want to ask…” “Who are you?!” “One assassin of the European democracy and the European nations…”

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The samples are all about ‘EU democracy,’ which is the track’s theme. The mix is flawless, with everything exactly where it should be. While chatting to the listeners through samples, the guitars simply ooze happiness into their ears. It’s as if you just sit by the lake and think about nothing. Perhaps some research into the current political situation in the EU might aid in understanding this path. (I’m joking!)

Listen to Itay Kashti EU Democracy song below.

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