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Jane N' The Jungle DIRTY DOG

Jane N’ The Jungle Releases New Song “Dirty Dog”

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With their brand-new song “Dirty Dog,” a rock & roll song through and through, Phoenix’s own Jane N’ The Jungle make an explosive comeback while exposing a personal experience with sexual assault.

After their amazing EP Ocean Creatures and their single Trouble, which we reviewed for you last year, Jane N’ The Jungle is releasing a brand-new song with a fresh sound that addresses a weighty issue. Frontwoman Jordan White, who had experienced sexual assault, made the decision to come forward about her story and all the humiliating emotions she had experienced.

All of Jordan’s passion and fury are condensed into the explosive, full-throttle ride that is “Dirty Dog.” This single is heavy, colourful, and supersonic; it is a female independence rock anthem and a manifest for all the women who have stood in her shoes.

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The lyrics are straightforward, direct, and raw. With a voice that can cut through the suffering and denounce such a heinous deed, Jordan can be heard crying out all of his bad emotions. With a blaring declaration of endurance and determination to be in charge, the furious guitars and the vicious percussion increase the energy even more.

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