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Jordan Bakewell Freaky

Jordan Bakewell Releases New Single Titled “Freaky”

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Jordan Bakewell Freaky song is his latest single.

Jordan Bakewell is a talented young aspiring singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Leicester. He wants to use the thriving UK music business, which is currently having a positive impact, to promote his mesmerising tones and melodies. His unusual musical ideas and soundscapes immediately captivate you. He creates real inquiry in the brains of individuals who listen to his beats with extraordinary comprehension and control, which may uplift or calm you.

The melodic recurrence of Jordan Bakewell’s songs is always in the right proportion. The chorus of “Freaky” kicks off the song, and it seems to be a recurring motif that returns you to those wonderful melodies multiple times during the song. However, it’s not done in a way that feels unnecessary or overly repetitive.

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Bakewell really understands how to use his strength to the fullest, and he has the most soothing voice that enchants your ears. His voice is prominently featured on “Freaky,” which leads listeners to a funky celebration of alluring melodies and entrancing rhythms. The song’s enjoyment and fun are captured in the music video, which is like the cherry on top.

Every time he makes a comeback, Bakewell keeps things light and enjoyable. By the time it’s through, you want to go back and listen to it all over again because it creates an addiction and a need in you. The professionalism and commercial excellence that Bakewell exhibits as an independent artist are on par with that of mainstream and signed acts.

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