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Jonathan Harrington Holding On To Me

Jonathan Harrington Premiers Latest Song “Holding On To Me”

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Jonathan, a singer and songwriter from Tusla, United Kingdom, made his debut on the music industry in the spring of 2022 with the releases of “Last Call” and “Get Away.” The third track from his next album, “TIME/PLACE,” is now available. The distinctive style and composition of Jonathan’s most recent album, “Holding On To Me,” are clearly audible.

“Holding On To Me,” a deeply moving ballad that combines indie pop and folk, is a confession of dread to a potential lover. It is a gentle reflection on the worries that lie at the heart of relationships. Jonathan stated, “Insecurity is something that seems baked into a lot of people’s experiences with love relationships,” upon the release of “Holding On To Me.” My thoughts of inadequacy kept me from connection for a very long time, and ‘Holding On To Me’ was born out of that period. I’m hoping that this song can bring some solace to those who are feeling that kind of pain and worry.


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Jonathan is not only a gifted composer, but also a visionary artist who has the ability to revolutionise the indie music scene with his melodic beauty, poetic intent, and everlasting enthusiasm. This is evident when you listen to his releases.

Listen to Jonathan Harrington Holding On To Me song below.

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