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LE!GHTON Releases Latest Single “Uhoh”

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Cher, Alice Merton, and Lawrence are influences on Uhoh. It not only has a distinctive sound mix, but also a distinctive plot. This book tells the tale of a female mafia leader who, fed up with men assuming control, decides to take matters into her own hands and let the guys know who’s in charge.

British singer-songwriter LE!GHTON follows up her most recent hit with the release of “Uhoh.” Her deep, soulful vocals, pop sensibility, and the influences of musicians like Cher, Alice Merton, and Adele combine to create the song’s compelling anthem.

Uhoh not only has a distinctive sound mix, but it also has a distinctive plot. As a man attempts to replace her because, of course, he believes he can do it better, a female mafia boss steps in to take matters into her own hands. However, he messed with the wrong woman! For someone going through their “boss ass bitch” phase, “Uhoh” is the ideal summer song.

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LE!GHTON added “This is my favorite song I’ve ever written. I was in a bit of a rut after lock down not finding any inspiration to write because let’s face it there wasn’t much to write about and the world had enough covid songs. So I found myself on Tiktok as you do and someone doing a random word challenge came up on my FYP (you get 3 random words from a generator and write a song around those 3 words.) I decided to give it ago. I got the words gun, grandfather and royal. Which apparently screamed ‘mafia’ too me, so I wrote a song about a female ran

Listen to LE!GHTON Uhoh song below.

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