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Maya Salafia Everlasting

Maya Salafia Finally Released “Everlasting” Song

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On June 10, 2022, Maya Salafia released her brand-new indie pop track, “Everlasting,” just in time to embrace and reignite not only summer love but all forms of love. As the song’s tender lyrics flow into your own personal love tales and gently communicate the nuances of love, you can feel the love enveloping you.

Maya Salafia is a singer-songwriter and pop musician located in Boston who has grown up around music. The artist returned in 2021 with “First Grade,” a single that demonstrated a more polished and developed sound from the artist since releasing her debut EP Trapped In a Daydream at barely 13 years old back in 2019.

The exquisite new ballad “Everlasting,” which serves as a testament to love and the endurance and transcendent qualities that it may have, is the artist’s follow-up, which was just published. Even at the young age of 16, the artist feels like she is truly developing into an artist whose maturity and talent belie her years. Her intelligent lyrics and passionate voice create a sound that is full of character and charm.

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The song expresses longing for the continuation of an earlier love affair. The lyrics and music pierce your soul and your links to both transient and eternal love. With her brand-new song “Everlasting,” Maya Salafia has demonstrated that the pop-country genre may soon be revitalised thanks to its immensely moving plot and exquisite lyrics. The song begins with lovely acoustic guitar playing and Maya’s soft, melodic vocals, which might sound a little like Taylor Swift from the country era. Tate McRae and Phoebe Bridgers are two more influencers that have been identified.

A full band becomes the song’s driving force as the excitement of the song quickly increases as it shifts into alluring pop-country choruses. With a combination of acoustic and electric guitars and cheery synths complementing her smooth, soaring vocals, this is where Maya starts to demonstrate that she is willing to push the boundaries sonically and add more of a rock influence.

Listen to Maya Salafia Everlasting song below.

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