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My Friend The Chimpanzee Shares Latest Track “Twin Moons”

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My Friend The Chimpanzee, an Austrian duet, released their alt-pop song “Twin Moons” last week. The song is their third release to date, and you’ll find something to freaking love from the first listen. Josef and Lukas, the duo behind the project, mix elements from several genres to create something truly unique.

The avant-garde project My Friend The Chimpanzee, led by multi-instrumentalists Josef Umschaid (drums and sound effects) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths), is one of the most exciting sound possibilities to emerge in recent years! We at Roadie Music are always on the lookout, having covered the previous singles “I Love This Place” and “Time Traveller,” two unstoppable firecrackers that were laying the groundwork for something much bigger: the new release “Twin Moons,” a true current anthem!

The trademark of synthesisers and grooved bass pervades the intro, but initially in an intimate context (as it always does! ), until the electro-pop-rock base of extremely high sensorial prognosis snatches us, furtively dialoguing with the beautiful vocals that exude sweetness and futuristic feeling at the same time! Electronic experimentation, of course, run through the synergistic field of this immensely strong cinematographic composition, with alternate imitators distorted in inexorable sweeping walls of sound, sinking into a chorus that is its own chapter.

My Friend The Chimpanzee Shares Latest Track Twin Moons

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Although the sci-fi setting, the pop strength of the most vibrant hues, as well as the explosion of the chorus, is simply short, catchy, and excellent for shouting at the top of your lungs! We find parts of synth-pop, indie pop, hip hop, ambient, and trap beats in this frenzied yet harmonious symbiosis in the extreme, but all of this is exhausted with individuality through the pores, demonstrating that My Friend The Chimpanzee symbolises a UNIQUE personality.

“Twin Moons” is a DREAM COME TRUE! Because it is not every day that something so innovative comes out without fear of taking risks (all of the lyrics are inspired by literary works and philosophy) and that, at the same time, sounds accessible through the vastly far-fetched opportunity for modernity, the reputation with the general public and specialised critics has been growing as quickly as possible.

Listen to My Friend The Chimpanzee Twin Moons song below.

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